Twello Consulting

CLIENT: Twello Consulting INDUSTRY: Consulting ROLE: Web design | Logo Design

Twello Consulting work with people – in teams, services, organisations and whole systems. They create effective spaces and use ways of working that support collaboration, constructive challenge and practical action. They have a wide range of experience drawn from working across health, care and wellbeing. Their networks connect with people from across these fields in the North West and nationally.

The logo was developed in a sans serif font and incorporates a orange tree which rsembles the connectivity Twello bring to a project and the growth it can offer. This tree icon injects colour and personality to the overall look and feel of the brand. It is now in place on all collateral including website and print. Our concept with the website was to evoke a sense of connectivity and personality. This was done by using the Twello directors photography from a recent Spanish road trip. We splashed the abstract tree icon across backgrounds of the website. The result was a bright and cheerful website that resembles the personality of the brand.