About Project

John Southworth is a family business with over 30 years of experience inspiring our people to deliver modern, innovative and high-quality homes across the North West.

As they head towards 2023 John Southworth is preparing for their busiest year ever, with lots of new and exciting projects and opportunities happening. As a growing business, committed to building futures today, they invested in a re-design of the website which incorporates the new logo and branding created by Home Marketing.

We used bold colours and a minimal clean design to inspire the website. Making use of white space to help navigate the user through the website. The new website design showcases the types of services John Southworth offer as well as allows them to present their fast-expanding array of projects on the ‘Case Studies’ page.

Each page is visually balanced, with the right amount of whitespace, allowing the content to breathe and captivate visitors’ attention. The typography is tastefully chosen, employing a combination of clean sans-serif fonts for both headings and body text, enhancing readability. The imagery used throughout the website is carefully curated, featuring high-quality photographs and illustrations that perfectly complement the overall aesthetic.

We are proud of the results of this website a feel it represents the high-quality work of John Southworth perfectly.