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We are a Stockport Web Design studio that offers a personable, friendly, and jargon-free web design service.

Stockport web design studio in Heaton Moor.
Our Stockport Website Design Studio in Heaton Moor
Stockport web design studio in Heaton Moor.

Nettl of Stockport are local. So you discuss your website design with us face to face.

Nettl of Stockport has been designing responsive, sophisticated and beautiful websites for over 10 years. Whether you’re starting out, a growing business, or an established company we can help you create an effective, engaging, and intelligent website that will enable you to connect with your customers like never before.

We believe in building relationships, we believe people do business with people. That’s why we welcome you to our bricks-and-mortar studio here in the heart of Heaton Moor, Stockport. We’ll put the kettle on and have a chat, no strings attached, to truly understand your business and how we can help.

Our Stockport based team of web designers are experts at building websites that work.

Bespoke Websites

Your business is unique. So your website should be too. No template based turn-key websites here! We custom build your site to reflect your business’s personality. From the look and feel to the usability of the site, we’ve got you covered.


Search Engine Optimisation – such a buzz word right? At Nettl of Stockport, we cut through the jargon and tell you how it really is. All our websites are SEO friendly, and when you’re ready for the next step, we have an SEO package to suit your needs.


At Nettl we host all our websites on our own AWS (Amazon Web Services) based servers. That’s the same platform used by the likes of Netflix, Coca-Cola and BMW. Our dedicated hosting team ensure your website is working while you sleep.

eCommerce Websites

With an eCommerce website, you can reach customers you didn’t even know existed. We’re experts in building eCommerce Websites. No two eCommerce websites are the same, so we’ll guide you though the design process to ensure your website works they way you need it to.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… the list of Social Media apps out there is mind-boggling. How do you keep up? Easy. Let our dedicated Social Media team take the strain. We’ll work with you to help drive social media traffic to your website.


Just like the apps on your phone, your website needs regular updates to ensure it remains secure and up-to-date. Browsers are being updated all the time, and your website needs to keep up. But, don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.

Stepping into Nettl of Stockport was the best business decision I made.

Stepping into Nettl of Stockport was the best business decision I made. Raj and his team have been fantastic from the first meeting. They listened to my ideas and helped to shape them into a great site. My website went live last week and it looks brilliant. Highly recommended!
Rachel Shapey

Couldn’t recommend them highly enough

I’ve had a new website designed and built and I had a very specific design brief. I requested lots of tweaks along the way and Toby was extremely accommodating. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve had experience with remote designers before which was frustrating, so it was great that I could pop into the shop and discuss the progress and arrange edits face-to-face.
Really chuffed with the outcome, great job guys!
Lee Whittle
Director, LW Aesthetics

I highly recommend this company for web design in Stockport

After starting up a private practice, I was looking for a web designer to help design and build a website. I also needed specific functions on the website like a referral form with the ability to upload patient xrays for ease of use. The end result of the website far exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend this company for web design in Stockport.
Dr Helen Petersen
Director, HJP Oral Surgery

We’re WordPress and WooCommerce Experts

Our platform of choice for building websites is WordPress. For eCommerce sites we also add WooCommerce. Here’s why…

  • It’s tried and tested! WordPress is used to power 43% of the websites on the internet.
  • It’s open source. That means geeks like us can see the actual code behind the scenes. There’s a vast open source community around the globe continuously improving WordPress.
  • WordPress is extendible. By using addons called Themes and Plugins, WordPress can be extended to add new functionality. Need a booking system? No problem. Want to build a training website? WordPress has you covered.
  • There’s plenty of support available. With WordPress being so ubiquitous, you’ll always be able to find someone who can support your site (should you move on from our web design Stockport service that is!). You’ll rarely find yourself stuck without someone who can help.
  • While we can do seemingly magical things with WordPress, it’s actually very easy to use. This means you’ll be able to update and edit the content on your site yourself without having to rely on us (although we’d love to help you do that too!).
  • WooCommerce is used by 23% of online stores. It’s a market leading platform.
  • At it’s core, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. That means it has solid foundations. It adds the ecommerce functionality like the shopping cart, the payment systems, the account management features.
  • Just like WordPress, WooCommerce is extendible. Plugins are available specifically for WooCommerce. This opens whole host of possibilities like memberships, subscriptions, ticket sales, and much more.
  • Being open source means our developers can push WooCommerce even further adding specific functionality even where a plugin isn’t available. This means your ecommerce shop can work the way your business works, and adapt to changes in your business too.
  • WooCommerce makes it easy for you or your team to manage the ordering process, the product listings, stock levels and seasonal sales. It becomes part of your sales team!

It’s when your website goes live that the real fun begins…

Once your website is live, you’ll want to shout about it, help your customers find it, and keep it updated. This is when things get exciting!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s an umbrella term for the set of activities that encourage search engines like Google and Bing to show your website in the search results when your customer searches for what you offer.

Did you search for “web design Stockport“, “website designer Stockport” or something similar before finding this page? That’s SEO in action.

SEO is an art as well as a science. Search Engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms which means we need to keep up with the latest best practices. Your competitors are probably doing SEO too on their websites which means we need to keep evolving. SEO is a labour of love, and our SEO team love doing it!

Find out more about our SEO packages or learn more what it is in our SEO Academy.

For some people Social Media is a lot of fun. For other’s it’s a minefield of acronyms, influencers and weird stuff.

Handled properly, Social Media is a powerful tool to help you engage with your potential customers, drive traffic to your site and get noticed. But where do you start? Well Nettl of Stockport can help. We offer a number of complimentary services which are available to you even if we have not built your website for you.

  • Our Social Media Design service will help you register on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn the right way, and then ensure there’s a clear and consistent branding across your website and social media accounts.
  • We can help you determine which platforms are more suitable for your business based on your target demographics.
  • If you need on-going help with writing posts then one of our Social Media packages could be the answer. Our dedicated Social Media team will be able to post for you and ensure your profile is getting noticed.

We like to practice what we preach. Take a look at our own Social Media channels and see how we use them:

Once your website is live, it makes sense to keep it updated with new content, news and products. Both your customers and Google will thank you for it. But finding the time to write blog posts and articles can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to run a business and balance a family life too.

We get it. That’s why we created Nettl Concierge.

With Nettl Concierge, our team is your team. For a fixed monthly retainer, we can allocated a fixed number of hours per month to your website to help you with your content. For example, maybe you have time to write an article but don’t have the time to upload it to the site and format the images correctly. No problem, just send it to us and we’ll do that for you.

Of course, if you don’t need regular updates, then you can still pay-as-you-go for any updates you ask us to make. We’re flexible like that.

But how do you know if your website is working for you?

Great question! The answer is Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics, you’ll get insights into how well your website is performing and information about your visitors that you didn’t even know was possible. For example, Google Analytics can tell you:

  • What time of day do people visit your website
  • How long do they spend on your site
  • Which are the most popular pages
  • Which websites or social media platforms led your visitor to your site
  • Did they use a mobile, a tablet or a laptop screen?
  • And much much more…

With our website designs service we link your site to Google Analytics as part of the project. That way you can start collecting visitor data as soon as the site is live.

Web Design Stockport FAQs

Your website is your shop window to the world. It’s an essential element of your brand identity and provides a vital opportunity to create the right impression before customers have even spoken to you. 

Here are answers to some of the more common questions we get asked about creating a new website for a business. If you need more information, give us a shout.

There are many factors that go into pricing up a website. We build our all websites bespoke to your requirements, and importantly, to your budget. We’ll need to have a chat about your specific needs before we can give you a price. Give us a call to book in for a free consultation.

We kick things off with a no-obligation free web consultation where we will understand what you want your website to do. From there we will put together a proposal outlining how we will make your website dreams a reality. Once you’ve accepted the proposal, we take a deposit and get started. You’re kept informed of progress along the way to avoid any surprises. Once the site is ready, and you’ve approved it, we put it live. We take care of all the hosting and maintenance, so everything to do with your site is in one place.


If you have a website that is out of date, the chances are it’s been neglected and needs refreshing. Our team are happy to help update existing websites where possible but it may be time to consider a new website! Get in touch and we can discuss the options.

It really depends on the size of the site, the functionality that we are building, and how quickly you can get the relevant content to us. All projects require care and attention, research, planning, development and testing. We’ve built websites in as little as one week, while some of our largest projects took around 10 months.

If you need a holding page in a hurry, to let your customers know that the site is on it’s way, we can build one in lightning-quick time. And if you have a specific deadline you need us to work to, tell us and we’ll tell you what’s feasible.

We’re here for you and we’re not going anywhere.

Once your website is live, we’ll manage the technical updates (including security updates) for you. That’s standard. In addition, we offer care packages that include monthly content updates, depending on your needs. Whatever you need to keep your website relevant, we’re here to help.

Yes. Your website needs to be hosted somewhere which has a cost. It’s a bit like paying rent. How much you pay depends on the websites specific needs and how much traffic it gets. Our Nettl hosting packages start from £20+VAT per month and include our maintenance support and an SSL certificate as standard. You can then add on care plans and additional value-add products such as SEO and Social Media management.

We’ll let you know what the ongoing costs will be at the proposal stage, so you’ll be fully informed before you sign up.

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